Julia Fekete Curriculum Vitae

Fekete JúliaI am Júlia Fekete, Jeweler, Jeweler and Gemstone Specialist Judicial Expert, Work of art and Numismatic Appraisal

The great love of jewelery dates back to the age of fifteen, when I made earrings for my friends from wire.
In 1996, I got a skilled worker certificate in 406 goldsmith (gold and silver specialization) at the 6th Industrial Vocational Training School. Here, within the lesson of the lesson, we were able to practice in the two years, starting from simple objects, to preparing high-complexity products.
In 1997, I gained appraisal Certificate in Jewelery.
In 2000, I successfully completed a Gemstone Academy.
In 2008, I graduated from the College of Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Szent István University in Gödöllő, and the three-year course was taught in versatile IT, engineering and economics.
I was involved in further training in enamel technology in 2014. and in 2015 I completed the Academy Work of Art and in 2018. the Numismatic Academy.

Areas of expertise:
After obtaining the certificate of a skilled jewel worker, I was a jeweler at Budapest RG Jewelery and Trade Co. Here I had the opportunity to get to know new technologies thanks to my master, which is not used by everyone in the profession even nowadays, all in the production of artistic jewelry. I worked daily with Cartier, Baraká, Fope, Sauro jewelery.
I attended an internal screening of Pawnshop and I was strengthened to be a judicial expert in the future. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of special precious metal specialties, which is a professional challenge and curiosity for me.
Then I led the Alhambra Kft. Workshop in Budapest as a jeweler; we had custom made jewelery. Because they also dealt with pawnshops, I have also mastered the restoration of jewelery, and of course I have also done price and valuation tasks.
After that I dealt with the execution of unique jewelery at Euro-Kvartett Kft. In Budapest, but the majority of the work carried out in the renovation of the jewelery left over from the pledge activity was also carrying out price and valuation tasks.

In 01.09.2001 Danburit Graph Bt. my company started the operation in Budapest, Tahitótfalu and Leányfalu. My own shop was opened in 2003 in Leányfalu.
Typically the jeweler manufacturing part is mostly in micro-enterprises, my job gives me all the insight about evrything, and it is also necessary in the professional specification, the production and price and valuation of the individual jewelery are the main activities, but the good work and the good accounting essential. Unfortunately, the daughter shop in Leányfalu was closed in December 2010. my company in Tahitótfalu went on.
As Residential Buyer I dealt with price and valuation, product management, logistics in 52 stores of Orex Zrt. and Orex Zálog Zrt. In SAP, BW and Excel I made the necessary statements, analyzes.
I finaly concentrate on Price and Valuation at Orex Zálog Zrt.
From 09/09/2013 I am a forensic expert, registration number: 009178; my specialty is: price and value estimation of old, gemstone, consumer goods, market price and valuation of cultural goods. I belong to the Specialty Section of the Budapest Chamber of Experts in the field of jewelery and precious stones. I have worked for the police, prosecutor’s office and court several times in criminal cases, and I’m doing price and valuation for my business partners.
At BÁV Zrt. I was a Network Control Assistant for five years. Now I’m working as a jeweler and Forensic expert.
My mother tongue is Hungarian, but at the conversational level I have English language skills and basic German.

In the field of social skills and competencies, I needed to learn team spirit and good adaptability, which helped in my sales work. During the same period, I employed three employees.
I managed several colleagues at Orex Zrt., which gives me leadership.
This profession is responsible, that is why I stand at work and in experience.
In the field of technical skills, I had to know the special tools of the jewelry industry; In the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering I have also learned about the machines and equipments belonging to this specialization. I have received art training in a number of hours since primary school, which I have completed with special drawing education within the Corvin Art School. In designing jewelery and the engineering drawings I can use the competence. There is not much publication in the Jewelery business, I can report on two of my articles on the cleaning of jewelry and the circumstances of their order.
My thesis in Szent István Egyetem was titled as “Analytical Presentation of Photographic Technologies in Different Size Technical Objects in the framework of Jewelery Series”; details the difficulty of converting from three dimensions into two dimensions from the jewelery point of view, retaining color accuracy while photographing, and defining technical parameters that affect image quality in such object size. In my work I often encounter the problem of converting from two dimensions to three dimensions, so if I can, I will publish it. This is manifested in the fact that the customer cannot imagine the object in three dimensions. The masterpiece of my thesis is an Adobe Authorware program that contains photos of the jewelery available in my Co. When I released, it was the only such media marketing program that could be found in the profession.