Jewelry sale

egyedi ékszerek készítése

If you have a choice for jewelery, the advantage is that you can watch it, catch it, try it out, get it right now and take it with you. You can quickly and easily get a beautiful piece.

Ready-made jewelry with a Hungarian hallmark, made of standard alloys, protects the customer, the state-controlled quality of precious metal content protects the jeweler who is working with good raw materials.
The company provides a quality certificate and a guarantee in accordance with the legislation in force.
The Quality Certificate contains a description of the subject; weight; its raw material and its fineness; the gems used; signaling information; the time of the sale of the object. Of course, the company’s signet and the signature of the jeweler.
The Warranty Card contains the warranty and warranty statements in force, the product name, weight, material, date of sale, the name and address of the vendor company, the origin of the item, if not the same as the seller, the user manual and the relevant part for recording the warranty data.
When you are buying used jewelry, it is not always possible to determine the shelf life of an item, considering this.
Based on experience, it is worth accepting or taking a box for the jewelery because it can be stored later in order to avoid injury.
We will issue a receipt and invoice at the sale. We will need the buyer’s details for the invoice if you are a private person, you will be asked for a home address; if you buy a company name, address and tax number.