Julia Fekete

The great love of jewelery dates back to the age of fifteen, when I made earrings for my friends from wire.
In 1996, I got a skilled worker certificate in 406 goldsmith (gold and silver) at the 6th Industrial Vocational Training School. Here, within the lesson of the lesson, we were able to practice in the two years, starting from simple objects, to preparing high-complexity products.
In 1997, I gained Expert Certificate in Jewelery.
In 2000, I successfully completed a gemstone course.
In 2008, I graduated from the College of Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Szent István University in Gödöllő, and the three-year course was taught in versatile IT, engineering and economics.
I was involved in further training in enamel technology in 2014. and in 2015 I completed the Academy of Art and in 2018. the Numismatic Academy.
Detailed CV