Jewelery making and repair

egyedi ékszerek készítése

Dear Customers,

I’d like to help you with a few ideas whitch can help in your decision about jewelry and jewelry repair.

First of all, decide the tipe of the jewelery what you want: earrings, necklaces, medallions, bracelets or anything else.

You should definitely determine the color of the jewelery you are thinking of and consider the color of the existing pieces.

The standard alloys used in Hungary allow the use yellow gold, white gold and red gold or a combination of these.
Usually the length of the chains can be decided in advance, and think threw on whitch finger you want to wear your ring.
Defining these details is also a key pill for repair.
Your favorite colors can be taken into account in the jewelry it it is making jewelery or repairs; they can be seen in the colors of gems and enamels.
Micro-scratches may occur over time, as the jewelry is used for its intended purpose. They can be easily polished by polishingmachine, so that the object retains its original luster. From time to time, it is worth visiting this jewelry shop for this type of maintenance.
For information, a price list can be opened at the link below. In any case, the jewelry is scanned, the necessary repair work begins in advance, after you have approved the amount of the repair.